Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money on derbywire?
We’re a major fan of independents. We offer a 90/10 share for artists and fans that want to sell web downloads and merchandise. Derbywire shares advertisement dollars with artists that stream content, providing a community for everyone to monetize and maximize their personal and professional brands.
Do I get paid real-time?
Merchants get paid after a transaction is executed. There is no quarterly or yearly waiting period for an artists to get paid. Moreover, artists and fans can manage their own personal wallet, which allows for quick realization of revenue that they will generate on derbywire.
How do I manage my playlist?
Artists and fans manage their playlist through back and forth interaction with the marketplace. Users can access the playlist by clicking the tab on the bottom left of the play bar at the bottom of the pages throughout the mobile social community. The marketplace is where all uploaded content is stored initially. Users can browse and add content to their personal playlist from the marketplace. Web downloads and streams can be accessed via mobile which allows all media assets to be mobile shared globally. Therefore, a-listers and independents content can be shared at the same time providing immediate global exposure for ALL!
How does trend voting work?
Artists and fans in the community can vote on anything in the community, like profiles, creators, and content, which facilitates the top voted content to trend to the top of the page. This provides users immediate access to what is hot visually which is essential to brands and users alike.
What is circuit board?
This medium make it easy for users to search for the top content within a certain period. Data can be captured by the artists or fans to know what the tastes were during certain periods.
What is the revenue share for creators per transaction?
Derbywire has a revenue sharing model of 90/10. The artists and fan realize 90% per transaction and derbywire realizes 10%. This is for all transactions and merchandise sales.
How do I upload my album on derbywire?
It is important that artists and fans manage their creative assets and ensure artists they collaborate with upload their content for long-term tracking and monetization and also register with organizations such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, Sound Exchange and more to ensure artists and fans receive proper credits for their creative works. Derbywire reports quarterly to ensure streams are reported.
What to expect from the derbywire mobile app?
Artists and fans can create videos, audio and photos on the go from their mobile device as well as sell merchandise using their mobile payment wallet. They can also access the latest uploads real-time and be connected 24/7 to the mywire feed. Moreover, revenue can be tracked providing a means to understand the total monetization real-time. Artists and fans can now view users downloading digital content real-time with identification of the location by which users are downloading content to their playlist. This global footprint allows artists and fans to understand in depth where specifically their fans and customers are around the world that have an interest in the content they provide. The Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry will be provided as we continue to expand.