about derbywire

derbywire is the first mobile social community where both artists and fans can monetize by managing their own mobile payment wallet. The business model allow creatives to manage and control content they own and receive real-time payments. There is a 90/10 revenue sharing model allowing artists and fans to maximize their profits.

From music artists to photographers to movie makers the community provides a forum for global exposure of content while getting paid. Users can comment and have discussions about the latest uploads, contribute to voting on the best content, search date ranges to find the most relevant content within a timeframe using circuit board, easily browse the top trending creators, and access statistics that provide the user the ability to make smart decisions about how and where to promote their content around the world. Advertisers have the unique opportunity to co-market on top trending content, leveraging exposure to millions of community participants.

founder & ceo

Sharron Battle founded derbywire in 2012 in San Francisco California while participating in an accelerator supported by Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. The initial idea was motivated by the need for users to participate in a social community that would provide a means for real-time monetization of intellectual property by content owners. She has been featured in TechCrunch, Google Ventures, Women 2.0 and other publications. Her main goal is to create jobs in a very unique way social networkers and entrepreneurs. She has attended studies in Engineering, Business and Design. She has attended the following schools for career preparation: Washington University in St. Louis Olin School of Business, University Missouri of Columbia, Portfolio Center, Google for Startups and Tuck University.

sharron battle
founder & ceo